Grandma And Her Ghosts (4K Restoration)


WANG Shaudi|1998|80 min.|German Subtitle|Animation
#Animation #Supernature #Classic

25.9.2022-14:30 | KulturbrauereiDirector Q&As

The film follows a young boy named Dou-dou as he adjusts to life with his grandmother while his mother is away. While initially bored with his new surroundings, he discovers that his grandma is a supernatural expert who regularly contends with ghosts. Soon circumstances make it possible for Dou-dou to see and interact with spirits, too, resulting in plenty of paranormal adventures as he meets the specters.

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To My Dear Granny(4K Restoration)


CHU Yu-Ning|2012|117 min.|Eng. Subtitle|Drama
#FamilyLove #Generation #Touching

01.10.2022-14:30 | KulturbrauereiDirector Q&As

A-da’s father is gone. So a mother has lost her son, a woman lost her husband and A-da lost his idol. Life goes on, but each of them keeps his own secrets. A-da’s granny is a victim of a fraud but she refuses to go to the police as she is too proud and stubborn. Meanwhile, A-da gets into big trouble and needs a great amount of money to solve it…

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Super Oma Grandma And Her Ghosts (4K Restoration) 魔法阿嬤
Super Oma To My Dear Granny 親愛的奶奶