Goddamned Asura


Lou Yi-An|2021|116 Min.|Eng. Subtitle|Drama
#RandomKilling #Crime #Tragedy
Europe Premiere

24.9.2022-14:30 | KulturbrauereiDirector Q&As

On his 18th birthday, Jan Wen shoots randomly at the crowds in a night market for unknown reasons. The tragic incident causes a strong impact on the lives of his family and friends, the victims and the witnesses. However, if there was a chance for them to make different choices, would the tragedy still happen? Will it be a different outcome if they all changed their behavior at the crucial moment?

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May You Stay Forever Young


Sam Lam / Rex Ren|2021|122 Min.|Hong Kong|Eng. Subtitle|Drama
#UmbrellaRevolution #Suicide #Revolution
Germany Premiere

24.9.2022-17:30 | KulturbrauereiPost-Screening Talk

In June 2019, YY was one of many young people who joined the Anti-Extradition Law protests. She announces that she will commit suicide as a radical method to make the Hong Kong government respond to their demands. A group of fellow protestors must race against time to find her before it is too late. After an emotionally exhausting hunt, Lai is found at the top of a building preparing to jump off…

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Wild Youth: Taiwan & Hong Kong Goddamned Asura 該死的阿修羅 Europe Premiere
Wild Youth: Taiwan & Hong Kong May You Stay Forever Young 少年 Germany Premiere